The war between bloggers and brands

A few days ago for the BEE group of Facebook we started talking about the issue of collaborating with brands. Most are new girls who wanted to collaborate with brands but ojooooooooooo novatillas (with love that I still am) not at any price.
Despite having a blog for years and a long time ago I read blogs. I remember when the subject of lasblogger with brands began. It was not like innocent now that it was our fault.
Before when a blogger received something, she would sepony in the post that was sponsored and would not send crappy samples how many companies try to sneak up to us now ... noooooooo they were lotazos. The bloggers are very happy and good brands rubbed their hands. Brands of all kinds no longer had to advertise in magazines, televisions ... now they had a blogger real people who told their experience and it came out cheaper.
But then selfishness was born by both. More and more bloggers started asking for collaborations and brands rubbing their hands began to send ridiculous things for more? If they are going to publish it and we will do the same promotion. And what is better always say good things.
Because it's true that I speak as well as I do things that they send me, but I always stay in my opinion ... what is not normal is that you make a collaboration everything seems wonderful and then when they make the entry of finished products ZAS! They tell you that it's a shit is useless.
But as we still did not have enough the brands come and say these They are silly easy to cheat. Now noles we give nothing invite them to an event with a couple of sweets make us promotion everywhere and over with a bit of luck that day until they leave unpastón in our stores. Well, often bargain.
For several weeks you will have noticed that my number of collaborations has dropped a lot ... Why? With time I reconsider, do I get any visit from the search engines when I link with a brand? or on the other hand Do they come to me when they are my subjects? At least in my case, the answer you can already deduce ... so I only associate with brands that are really worthwhile.
For those novatillas or not so novatillas noos let's cheat that our avarice in the end what it does is that we all lose because if I do not collaborate with samples not nothing happens there will be 1000 bloggers who sell themselves for a few pennies.
And a tip if they tell you that they send you real product and then it's a little lie, give it back in the same currency. Post a day that you've already published, the day you least visit you know that you receive and at the time you know that less people are reading you already know Eye for Eye and the world would end up blind 🙂
And eye that all brands are not so perosi a great majority, cuidadin !!
And what experience do you have between blogger-brands ?