Essential cosmetics for a woman

Good morning Beauties !!
Today I bring you a super list of female cosmetics essential for a woman , they do not have to be the ones that I teach you can be similar and be radiant. But surely a girl who cares more or less has almost all, or some do not have it because it can replace it, but in general more or less we all have.

Cosmetic products essential for women:

cosmetics for women

- One of the essentials in feminine cosmetics are deodorants we do not want to smell bad, so It is always good to use deodorant for the armpits and if you smell your feet then deodorant feet. For both places I recommend those that do not contain alcohol, especially if you depilas the armpits, do not put deodorant with alcohol.

The deodorant that I show you for the armpits is that of Lippen has a price of 2 euros and is not bad, the feet is green bottega its price is 6 euros but I do not change it for any. It has a fresh smell that makes you fall in love. I have seen cheaper such as mercadona, but they contain parabens, so I do not recommend them.

underarm deodorant and feet
To make your skin smell like wonder all day you can not miss this other essential cosmetic for a woman , the pink gel, in this case I use the Cottage that came in the box premium samples. In theory it's strawberry and mint although I only smell like strawberry and its smell remains on my skin all day, it's a wonder.

Although not all are rich, I have this as a whim, I came in the box and use it, but when I spend, I will return to normal. Well if I remember correctly this has a price of 6 euros.

Strawberry and mint cottage gel
- You can not miss a cream stain with FPS at least 30, I do not talk about it because I already did it here LADIVAL PRODUCTS .
ladival anti-spot cream
- From the best cosmetic products for a woman to take care of yourself, it's a good Body milk , I use this Cosmeticuse right now with pearl powder is very light and fresh .This Cosmeticuse is very dense and with a little bit a lot. I use it daily and it lasts a lot.
cream hands of figs
- For young people the moisturizer can never miss, and if you see some wrinkle as an anti-wrinkle cream. This in particular is a Babaria moisturizer, it is not the best moisturizer of those that have tried but it fulfills its hydration function very well.
babaria facial cream
- I think I have already told you 300 times about the La Chinata brand, but I love its products especially this eye make-up remover . Well, the fact that my countrymen may also have something to do haha ​​I always throw home ... but I really recommend you try it.
make-up remover eyes the chinata

- If you are one of those who are looking for the best, I definitely recommend this 3-in-1 Timewise cleaner by Mary Kay , clean, exfoliate and tone all in one He passed. Although it is true that it is a little expensive around 30 euros, it is clear that not everything can be good.

cleaner 3 in 1 mary kay
- Advanced eye serum 2 in 1 of Narsya beauty , in theory fills in wrinkles and nourishes peroooooo I do not notice nothing is more I put this because it is the only one I have and I do not consider that I need for my age, but people over 30 must have one. Although this is not, better buy another.
- The most essential thing that we should use is a good shampoo and if it is paraben-free, much better I talked to you about this Timotei paraben-free shampoo.
champote timotei
- If your skin is oily you can use a matifying cream, this is Lila Cosmetics and it removes all the fat. It lasts a long time.
matifying cream lila cosmetics
- What do you want to have perfect glutes?But always with exercise alone and I tell you that it does not do anything. So far I have not found any miraculous cream yet.
firming buttocks and breasts wondermodel
- Something that we all hate to death are stretch marks , if you still do not have any you're a privileged one :-) So they look less or reduce them in case you're a privileged nothing better than a good antiestrías cream, this is deliplus and is quite good but I'm still looking for the perfect one ... if I ever find it I'll let you know.
cream antiestrias deliplus
- If you have varicose veins or think you're going to can have them I recommend you read HOW TO REMOVE THE VARICES apart from those tricks, use this cream Menaven gel 1000 , you can find it in pharmacies. It serves to reduce them or to prevent them from coming out.
menaven gel 1000
- A good mask on Sundays. Well on Sundays I do it haha ​​... you can use this green Bottega, if you go to buy bottega green remember to read ADVICE TO BUY IN GREEN BOTTEGA I really like this mask because it absorbs all the fat. And always in the shopping I stay at a bargain price.
green bottega purifying mask
- Cream for breasts, another of the super essential in cosmetics either to prevent or to try to fix some thing. This deliplus cream for breasts is a marvel, it reaffirms and it is getting rid of you already you begin to notice the different skin. You can also use the one above that was for breasts and glutes a 2 by 1.
cream for breasts deliplus
- For that our body is radiant, can never miss a good exfoliating , this Oriflame I love it because in addition to exfoliate smells wonderful.These differ from those of the body in that they are softer and less aggressive to the skin.
facial exfoliating muncosmetics
- Y Finally if you have black dots the masks herbal conk mask can not miss. I told you about them HERE for now it's the one that worked best for the hateful black dots.
mask for herbal blackheads conk mask

As you can see, these are the products that I use, it can be expanded a lot more but I think it's the basics. Do we agree on something? What do you think of these essential cosmetics for a woman ?